Well, I’m back from my Labor Day weekend with the family! It was nice! I got to get some much needed rest, see the family, and spend some time with my friends. Most of them anyways (ahem, Melissa).

I also got to see this big boy…


Isn’t he huge? 6 months old and 65 lbs.  And still growing! My dad estimates that he will be about 100 lbs by the time he stops growing. He is all puppy right now. He has no idea how big he is. When he jumps, he towers over me. He’s sweet as can be though. The pug on the other hand doesn’t understand why he keeps getting bigger. I think the fact that Roman stalks him like a wolf stalks a bunny rabbit doesn’t help the situation. Poor Bogart.

We also did some birthday celebrating this weekend. We went out to lunch at Red Robin on Saturday and my parents gave me my birthday present. They got me a GPS! They know how directionally challenged I am. And when I got lost going to my dentist, I think that was the final straw. Yes, I got lost going to my dentist. He’s in another part of town I don’t go to very often and I only visit him 2 times a year. You can see how I can get lost right? I mean every 6 months? I think thats pretty justifyable.

Anyways, along with lunch on Saturday, my mom fixed a really great lunch Sunday after church. Which brings me to the title of this post. The Birthday Plate.


Now, I don’t know how many of you have family traditions involving your birthday but this is our family tradition. My mom bought this plate out of a catalouge when I was about 2 years old. She thought it was a neat way to celebrate birthdays. So whenever it’s one of our birthdays, we get the Birthday Plate out of the China cabinet, rinse it off, and the birthday person has to eat the birthday meal on the plate. As a kid I thought this was totally normal. Everyone has a Birthday Plate, right?

I was way wrong.

Apparently, having a birthday plate is a bit lame among my circle of friends. It’s an ongoing joke about how “Melanie gets to eat on the birthday plate this weekend!” I’ve come to laugh about it as well but I still think they are all just jelaous of the VERY COOL tradition that they don’t get to be a part of! Well, thats what I tell myself anyways. 🙂

My mom also made a “Birthday Tiramisu” instead of a cake. It was Rasberry. Amazing to say the least. I brought a rather large portion back with me Monday. 🙂


Not a bad weekend at all!