I took these…P9030010

with my new purchase I made yesterday. I ended up settling on an Olympus FE4010. I. Love. It. It is small, sleek, takes 12 megapixel pictures and ws affordable! I mean, look at that zoom action! I am totally smitten with it.

The game was amazing! We lost to the Steelers but it was great. The weather was beautiful, the atmosphere was great, and it was a great addition to my birthday week. I had a blast. I realized how many Steelers fans lived in Charlotte. Holy cow! There was almost more yellow than blue in the stands last night. And those towels they swing above their hea. How annoying. But we were good sports. It’s only pre season and seriously? The Steelers? They’ve won Super Bowls. It wasn’t going to happen. But the effort was appreciated and I think most of the fans there were just there to get excited about the season in general.

Tonight the Pug and I are off to visit the parents. I’m going to spend my 3 day weekend with the family enjoying one more birthday celebration and some rest and relaxation. After this week, I need some! I’m also going to see some friends and possibly just curl up with some movies one night. I just need one of those weekend, you know?

I will be taking the camera and taking LOTS of pictures. I think this new purchase is going to make me enjoy blogging even more now! I have high aspirations to be one of those bloggers who think to take a picture of EVERYTHING for the sake of their blog. I think I am well on my way!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!