1. Well today is Thursday and I’m going to the Panthers game tonight!! I’m really excited! It’s a pre-season game but it should be awesome none the less!

2. I am going at lunch today to buy my new camera. YAY! I still haven’t made a final decision on the one I want. I’m going to let the Best Buy peeps help me out with the techno lingo. I have decided I am going to spend a little more in order to get a camera that will last. I think it will be a wise investment.

3. I have had an AMAZING birthday week. I have gotten to spend time with the people I care about and am looking forward to continueing to celebrate this weekend with the family! I’ll be heading north to spend Labor Day weekend with the parents and my brother and sister. It’s my brother’s first weekend home from college so I’m looking forward to seeing him and hearing how school is going.

Well, 3 is a good number. I can’t think of anymore randomness for now.

I will be taking some photos of the game on my new camera tonight and hope to post them tomorrow! YAY!