This weekend was just going to be an overnight trip to the beach with my good friend Jessica. She had some extra points so she could get us a free hotel room and we could spend a few hours at the beach. So I thought. When we arrived and I she opened the door to our hotel room, I saw flashes of lights, decorations, and two of the greatest friend’s anyone could ask for yelling “SURPRISE!” at me. My first thought? Oh my gosh, she gave us the wrong room!

My friends from home had driven to the beach and set up the hotel room before we got there. Jessica was the mastermind behind it all. After the shock wore off, we went to a nice dinner and then enjoyed some cake back at the hotel along with sitting around talking and enjoying each other’s company. We then woke up Sunday morning and headed out to the beach. While getting some sun, the three of them went to check on the meters and returned with another one of my friend’s from home!! I was just overwhelemed at that point. She had driven in just to spend about 5 hours with me. I was completely touched. After some sun and sand, we headed to a little grill, enjoyed some burgers and fries and then went our seperate ways.

I was completely blown away by the love my friends have for me. Jessica, the mastermind, totally got me and was so sweet to think of this wonderful weekend. And all my friends who surprised me all weekend long, I am so greatful for the time you put into everything. I am just so completely blessed to have such amazing best friends.

I’ll hopefully have a picture or two soon. I’m going to try to steal them off the FB. Oh which speaking of pictures, thanks to my wonderful firends, I will be purchasing that camera I have my eye on with even more ease. They helped me out with another Best Buy giftcard. So, pictures are coming blog friends, they are coming!