Well, I’m back for a GREAT weekend at the beach. Lots of food, fun and relaxation. It was really good to let loose this weekend. I think everyone needs a weekend like that sometimes. A chance to let your hair down, be a little crazy, and just enjoy yourself completely 100%. That’s what this weekend was for me.

But now that I’m back and my ankle is healed, it’s time to get back into my running routine. As I mentioned previously on here, I’ve begun to take better care of myself. I’ve been eating from my grocery list as much as possible and I have been taking full advantage of the YMCA membership I finally invested in a couple of months ago. And I have to say, I couldn’t be feeling better about myself. I have been going to ZUMBA once a week (which I LOVE) and I have been running intervals for an hour on the tredmill 4 times a week. I finally got through those 2 weeks everyone talks about when you hate running but if you just push through you will love it. And I must admit, I am now hooked. I want to go run everyday. Last week I had to take a few days off due to my twisted ankle but now I am back and ready to go!

I’m not really focused on losing weight or dropping pant sizes. I just want to be back in good health. Not that I’m in bad health. But there will always be small things we want to fix about ourselves. Whether it’s lower our cholesterol or take less medications. I just want to be healthy. I want to take pride in my health again. And I’m on my way to that place.

So this week I’m black on the running plan. And I’m ready.