Yesterday was a pretty normal day. I did everything like I normally do. I had decided not to go to the gym since I was still very sore from tubing at the lake and also forcing myself to go to Zumba Monday (which was well worth it). Until I twisted my ankle. Yep. Went to the mailbox and steped of the ledge wrong and BAM…next thing I know I’m on my knee with my ankle throbbing. When I landed on my knee, I managed to skin it as well. I don’t think I’ve had a skinned knee since the 5th grade! Anyhow, I managed to drive myself home in the throbbing pain, take some Advil, and prop it up on 3 pillows for the rest of my very unproductive night.

Don’t you hate when little things like that totally throw you off? I hate when something like that happens and causes me to be a lump on a log. I guess the little bumps are part of life. God help me when I get pregnant someday and they put me on bed rest. I am going to be the worst patient ever.

Thank goodness sleeping with it elevated helped the swelling. I’m fine walking on it today. Just don’t ask me to run anywhere. I’m going to be out of luck if a rabid dog tries to chase me. Luckily, the ankle I twisted is  the one I use to twist all the time when I use to dance. So, it bounces back pretty quick.  I’m hoping it’s a lot better by tomorrow. I was planning on getting in a good run before my relaxing weekend at the beach. We will see. You can’t rush these things, I guess.

Well I’m off to another fun-filled day at the 8-5. Hopefully a “non-bump in the road” type of day. Knock on wood.