Good Monday Morning! Ok, maybe not so good because it is Monday…but morning! I had a pretty eventful weekend afterall. I wasn’t planning on doing a whole lot but I ended up being quite productive! I got a really good 4 mile run in Saturday morning, did some grocery shopping, did some cleaning, and then finished out the day with some ice cream. Sunday, I got to spend a day at the lake with my small group from church. We had a really great time! I got to do some tubing and enjoy the hospitality of Kristen and Nate, the couple who had us over. Here is proof of my water sport abilities. Prepare to be blown away…


I took 2 Advil before bed and I don’t feel so bad today! But it was a lot of fun. Still feeling a little sore today, I open up my email this morning and low and behold, Massage Envy is offering a $35 Message on September 15th in honor of the Susan G. Komen Breat Cancer Foundation! $10 of the $35 goes towards Breat Cancer Research. Am I interested? OF COURSE I AM. I made an appointment and I am looking forward to it. You can sign up too! Just go to their website at Make sure you make an appointment for September 15th. I mean, if I have to get a massage to help with breast cancer research, I will be happy to do my part!

I got to see The Time Travelers Wife Friday night. It was a very interesting movie. I read the book a while ago and enjoyed it. But the movie was a big difficult to follow. It’s one of the ones where you have to see it twice to just make sure you didn’t miss anything the first time.the_time_travelers_wife_movie_poster[1] It’s hard to keep up with at times because he goes back and forth so much between time periods. I felt like the book was better of course but the movie was good. I love anything with Rachel McAdams though. So, I am a bit partial to liking anything she is in. But the story is good and the hopeless romantic in me loves all things gushy. So I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. It was a good movie for a girls night out. I felt bad for all the guys who’s girlfriend’s and wives dragged them to it. Lots of  “awwwing”  and touching moments. A few funny parts too though. I would go see it again…maybe at the $2 theater.

Last but not least, here is my sock monster. I am heading to the gym tonight for Zumba after work and I set out my clothes and a brand new pair of socks I bought this weekend. Here is what it looked like when I turned around from drying my hair in the bathroom…


So mischievous. If I have one piece of advice for someone with a new puppy, DO. NOT. LET. THEM. PLAY. WITH. SOCKS. I don’t care how cute it is or how much you think they will grow out it it. My little sock monster is proof they never grow out of it. His favorite toy? A balled up pair of socks. And also, the dirtier the sock, the better!  At least I don’t have the underwear problem which apparently is a big issue with most people and their dogs. He could care less about underwear. But a dirty sock, he will grab and run with in a hot second!


He’s a cute sock monster though 🙂