Lately, I have become a huge fan of  Do-It-Yourself Projects or as all the crafty people call them DIY Projects. I am just completely blown away by some of the before and after shots of things people have created! My new favorite website for these is Design Spounge. They have SOOO many neat things!

Here is an example of one of my current favorites:



How cool?!? I love the idea of taking things that need a little TLC and making them new again. The crafty lady behind this is Laura and she found this old travel case in the corner of a thrift store. She brought it home, cleaned it up, painted it, and then applied poly to keep it stain resistant and voila! Good as new!

I also love this little project. It looks fun I may just have to try it out.


What a cute pillow! You basically take a plain pillow, make these little yo-yo things out of your favorite fabrics, and sew them to the pillow! I’ll let you know how it turns out!