Dear Kate Spade Bag: I have decided to buy you. Possibly. For my birthday if you are still available on Ebay. We will see. Please wait for me.

Dear Treadmill: I currently hate you. I’m pushing through and trying to get over the fact that you make me very tired every afternoon. But I know you are good for me. So I am not going to give up on you. Hopefully I will soon be addicted to you. Hang in there with me.

Dear YMCA Membership: I’m glad to have you afterall. You are turning out to be a good investment.

Dear Bridesmaid Dress for October Wedding: Prepaired to be altered. You will be too small by the time I try you on a week before the wedding.

Dear feet and toes: A pedicure is in the works. Hopefully soon.

Dear new healthy grocery list: I’m liking you a lot. Took me a while to come around but you save my waistline and my wallet. So I think I will stick with you for a while.

Dear sun: I miss you. I am looking forward to seeing you Sunday at the lake and also the next two weekends at the beach. Can’t. Wait.

Dear Pug: The vet says I need to brush your teeth more. So prepair for our weekly wrestling match to become a twice a week wrestling match. Should be good times!

Dear Little Brother: Be good at school. I can’t wait to watch you sore. You will do great things. I know it.