Have you ever been given a gift card to a place and you want so many things from that particular store that you can’t decide what to spend it on? I am having this issue as we speak…

I received a gift card to Best Buy on Administrative Professionals Day from my boss a couple of months ago. And I have been hanging on to it because I can not decide what to spend it on! Let me explain my delimma.

My first instinct was to put the gift card towards this snazy new iPod.


If you know me, you can understand why. I have the original iPod. I kid you not. The very first iPod which weighs about 5lbs. It holds TONS of songs but it is starting to fail me. After having it 6 years, it has begun to stop in the middle of songs and then randomly turn off. So, I think it’s time to retire my grandpa of an iPod. Especially now that I am working out 5 times a week…it can be a bit bulky.

But then I got the idea that I needed this…


Yep, a GPS. I am directonally challenged. There is no denying it. This device was MADE FOR ME. I get lost going to my dentist! This morning in fact!! There are still places in my city where I have no clue how to get to them. And mapquest directions are not always reliable. I fell in love with my parents GPS (which they have named Barbara – another story for another time) when I used it for the beach trip back in May.

But then I came accross this amazing contraption that screams my name everytime it is seen or mentioned…


The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser with HEPA Filter. The name of it even makes me excited. Eraser…now that is good marketing! Having a pug is great. I have the best dog in the world. But the one thing I would change in a  heartbeat is ALL. THE. FUR. And this device I believe would eliminate a lot of my frustration. So, the practical side of me is thinking this is the best choice. Also, the most pricey choice.

But then, it hit me…


I desperatly need a new camera. And think of how many more pictures I would take for the blog if I got a new camera! My camera is still in good working condition, don’t get me wrong. But with all the technology that new cameras have now, my camera is in the same category as my iPod…WORN OUT.

My one saving grace is that my birthday is coming up meaning I can suggest one of the forementioned items to my parents ad a birthday gift. But, I can’t decide which one to get and which one to suggest to them.

So you see my delimma. My gift card will only cover $50 of any purchase I make meaning I will still be technically making a large purchase. But what would you do if you were in my shoes?