Since I love lists, here is my weekend if I were to make a check list.

Friday: Go to work, go to dinner and to see The Ugly Truth with my work bff, take it to the house and go to bed. So tired.

Saturday: Sleep as late as possible (9:30), go run some errands, put together the most AMAZING bridal shower gift ever, clean, clean, clean, cook an amazing dinner for my overnight guest Kara, eat dinner, hang out watching Harry Potter, go to bed. Somewhere in there I also went and let Jess’s dog’s out twice while they were gone for the day.

Sunday: Kara was up and gone by 5:30 (working), got up, went to church, came home, ate lunch and changed clothes, went to the pool with Jess and Jenn, grabbed dinner with Mert, started laundry, alseep on my bed by 9.

It was a really full but fun wekend. I feel like I got a lot accomplished and I am ready for a fun weekend away this coming weekend! Back to working hard for the money till then…

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!