Well, I took Bogart in for his annual visit yesterday. For the history on the vet visits check out this post. If you can remember, I was very nervous about this vet visit. But turns out I was worried over nothing.

My previously obese pug weighed in at only 25 lbs. yesterday at the vet! Yep, you read that right! 6 lbs. less than last year! Which is about 22% weight loss! I was so happy! So was my vet. He kept going on and on about how healthy he looked and how I have added years to his life simply by sticking to the diet plan. So, I feel so much better about his weight and his health. It’s probably silly to worry over your dog as much as I do but it’s important to me that I am a good owner to him. He’s my most important responsiblitiy right now so I am determined to do it right!

The only issue he has is allergies. His ears are itching him and causing him to scrath a lot. I thought it was the beginnings of an ear infection but turns out it’s just allergies. So a drop in each ear of some percription drops for a few days and it should stop the irritation.

So, he’s healthy! It feels good to know he is doing just fine. And since he’s the topic of this post, here is my skinny boy now…


Here he is enjoying one of his favorite bones…


Here he is with his 2 favorite bones. Sometimes he can’t make up his mind so he chews on both…sometimes simultaneously.


Gotta love the tounge shot…


Tired from all that bone chewing. It’s a tough life he leads.

bo closeup

Quite possibly one of the cutest pictures of him I have ever taken. *sigh*