Well, the time has come. It’s time for the family to get together and see each other for our annual family reunion. Time to have the barbeque catered in, break out the gallons of sweet tea, the white paper table cloths and re-use the 4th of July table decorations.

My grandmother is one of 7 children. She grew up in Paw Creek which is right outside of Charlotte. So every year in the summer, the 5 of the 7 children still around and all their families get together to spend time togehter, eat, and have a good time. We’ve been going to this reunion ever since I can remember. It’s always good to see everybody and to try and remember which familes go to which original child. There usually ends up being about 80 of us. We do a lot of fun stuff like Family Bingo, an auction to raise money for next year’s reunion, and of course the golf tournament all the men take part in on Saturday while the women shop.

Since I live in Charlotte, it’s really convenient for my family to come to me for once! I drive that 2 hour stretch so much to them that it’s really nice to stay put for a change. Usually we spend Saturday either going shopping or to a movie. They kind of expect me to be there resident tour guide. Which I don’t mind as long as I can think of things to do. This year I was thinking about taking them to IKEA and then to see Harry Potter!

Should be a fun weekend of family. The summer wouldn’t be the same without it. Happy Friday everyone!!