writing-journal_Full[1]I’m a letter writer. Always have been. My mother is an amazing writer and even though I don’t think I inhereted her amazing creativity, I still have always loved to write letters. They are an outlet for me. I enjoy the thought of writing thoughts that will be in word form forever. Something that someone can read over and over again when they want to remember your voice, or remember your personality, and remember how much you love them. To me, a written letter is a very high compliment. It means someone cared enough about you to sit down with a pen and paper and put thought into what they wanted to say to you and you only. There’s also something deeply romantic about letters. They flow and have motion and are simply timeless. 

Well I say all this to let you in on a secret of mine. I’m not exactly sure what made me want to finally share this with the world but I guess I just feel like it will inspire others in my shoes to maybe do the same. I try not to mention the love life or lack there of on here. But I think it’s time I admit something.

I’ve been writing letters.

For a few years now.

To someone I have never met.

Wow, it feels strange to actually put it out there like that. I haven’t told anyone EVER about this secret. I’m sure you are wondering who I am writing to. Well, it’s someone who is living right now. Someone who sees the same sun and same moon as me. Someone who is currently in the midst of living their life, beginning their career, and possibly even in a relationship with someone that isn’t me. Someone who hasn’t found me yet.  But I write to him. In hopes of someday giving him my written words so he can see how much I have prayed and longed for the day we would meet.

This someone was made for me.

Made for a life with me.

Made to marry me.

Made to have children with me.

Made to grow old with me.

When will we meet? I have no idea. But until then, I will keep writing to him in hopes of continuing a love that has yet to begin. Except for on paper.

You can call me corny. I’m ok with it.