Happy Monday! Or maybe not so happy. I hope everyone had a good weekend! I got to do a few things that I don’t do very often which I decided I should do more often! Life is too short not to do things you don’t enjoy, right? And I defintley enjoyed these 2 things a lot!

I went with some friends on Saturday to a fundraiser sponsored by the April Five Organization. This organization raises money for police officers in Charlotte-Mecklenburg who have been injured in the line of duty. They raise money for medical bills, rehabilitation, and family expenses while the officers are recovering. The fundraiser on Saturday was for an officer named Matt Lewis who was hit by a drunk driver while riding a bike downtown on duty. He has had extensive surgeries and rehabilitation on his knee which was shattered in the accident. He has many more procedures in the future and the money that was raised will go towards his recovery. He will be unable to go back to work for a full year. The fundraiser was at Ed’s Tavern, a local hole in the wall bar. You donated $15 and got an arm band that got you free BBQ and a free beer. Then there was live music and games such as cornhole and a dunking booth. There was a raffle and also an auction where all the proceeds went to the Lewis family. It was a lot of fun and for a good cause.

After the fundraiser was over, we headed over to another local spot called Jackalope Jacks and enjoyed some fried pickles (YUM) and some karaoke! It was so much fun! They played tons of MJ (of course) and there was a really good ecletic group of people. We had such a great time singing along and dancing to the music. I had a blast. Couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

For more information of April Five, please visit there website here. You can read more about the organization, how to donate, and when the next event will be held.

As for this week, not a whole lot going on. The family will be in town at the end of the week for the family reunion. Should be good times. Until then, I’m going ot be working away…