My dear friend Jennifer over at Daily Delights is basically my lifeline during the work day. We work about 5 miles away from each other and email back and forth all day long. Usually about what’s going on at our workplaces, in life,  and sometimes about nothing.  Basically just to keep our sanity throughout the workday. Our conversations range from random to huh?  Here’s one we had on Thursday of last week:

J: Did you see my post about the Walkman?

Me: Just read it. Very cute. Believe it or not, I never had a Discman. I went straight from my boombox to an iPod.

J: NO WAY?!  Are you serious?!

Me: Yep! I was a big fan of the radio…barely ever bought CDs.

J: Craziness. I cannot believe that. I loved my little friend. Whenever I went on trips. It went with me.

Me: We always had a TV in our van so we would watch movies, sleep, or talk.

J: Nice. We never had the tv. You guys were high rollers.

Me: Thank you pimped out Astro Van.

So random. Who knew it was so strange to never own a Discman??