One of my favorite bloggers is Abby over at  Babbling Abby.  She likes to do Might-y Mondays so I thought I would give it a whirl and see how I liked it. Here is my weekend wrapped up in a “Might-y” fashion…

I might have had one of my very favorite people come visit me this past weekend from my hometown!

She might have brought her very cute dog who is Bogart’s BFF.

I might have gone to see Transformers with my out-of-town friend and another one of my favorite people who lives in the Queen City.

We might have had brunch at this amazing place called Toast.

We might have gone to get a pedicure and I might have very pretty pink toes now.

I might have taken her to IKEA for her very first time. She might have fell in love immediatly which I might have assumed would happen.

I might have gotten a new duvee cover and sheets from IKEA. I might be in love with them.

We might have grilled out and I might have made my famous Summer Sangria. YUM.

We might have gone to the Charlotte Knights and Durham Bulls baseball game for the 4th of July and had a BLAST!

We might have seen a very good fireworks show! It might be a very close second to the Disney Fireworks I raved about.


I might have had a hotdog, cotton candy, and a coke while enjoying the game.

I might have felt very proud to be an American.

I might have made her pancakes and hot chocolate Sunday morning.

She might have left me to go back home Sunday afternoon and I might have been sad to see her go.

I might have had an awesome weekend though. 🙂