This is the conversation I would have had with my dog should he be able to speak.

Me: Boge, I’m getting ready to fold my laundry so please move. (trying to scoot him over as he grunts at me like he is very disgrunteled)

B: Ummm…I don’t think so.

Me: Ok…fine. Stubburn. (picking him up and moving him to a different part of the bed).

A couple minutes later.

Me: (walking out of the bathroom) BOGE! (he is in the exact spot where I had moved him from).

B: You think you’re the boss of me? Try me, tootse!

In the end, I folded laundry and just decided to work around my stubburn pug. Don’t be fooled…his personality is WAY bigger than that little body of his.


Well blog-readers, I am off tomorrow and am having a very crazy special guest come visit me! So I will be back Monday with a recap! Happy 4th of July everyone!! Make sure you catch a fireworks show somewhere!