While I was visiting Mickey Mouse last week, so much happened on my 2 favorite summer reality shows. I won’t spend too much time on either as I am not one to harp on things that I have no control over. But, I do have a few things I feel must be mentioned. And since this blog is my outlet, here it goes!

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Dear Jon & Kate – Please don’t split up. Think of the vows you made and the recommitment ceremony you had last year in Hawaii. Did that mean nothing? I wish you would stop thinking about the show and the money and just put your family back together. And as for the show, TLC just needs to let you out of your contract. It’s time to pick up the pieces and find the people you use to be. I am a firm believer in the idea that people change but also that a commitment is a commitment. And it is your fault you grew apart rather than growing together. I think if you should let the show die, spend some more time together, and learn to make each other happy again. I realize divorce papers have already been drwan and that is really sad. But I feel like you should try harder for your children’s sake. Be adults and deal with the issues. I hope you are making the right decision for your children’s sake. But I am really sad to see you guys split up. And I will no longer watch your show as I think it is a large contributing factor to the failure of your marriage. It’s just too sad. I’m glad you are taking a break. And I hope the plan to return in August doesn’t happen. It’s time to lay the chips on the table and start from scratch. Beginning with becoming a regular family with no cameras. I wish you all the best of luck.


Dear NJ Ladies – WOW. What a season! I must admit, your show is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love to watch how you all interact and how you claim not to be involved with the mafia. Danielle, there are no words for the way I feel about you. The only one that comes to mind is DRAMA. You bring it with you every where you go and I do not blame them other ladies one bit for not wanting to be associated with you. You took the book thing way too far. I really felt it was completely rude of you to ruin the dinner party that Teressa and Joe threw and graciously invited you to in order to try and smooth things over. It was wrong and I hope you regret it. You were in a book with a bunch of drama in your past…GET OVER IT. Caroline & Dina, I admire your family values. I appreciate how you take up for each other and I think you have done a good job raising your kids. But if I hear how your family is “thick as theives” one more time, I might go nuts. Which by the way, that phrase alone SCREAMS “We are involved in the Mafia”. We get it. You’re family. Can we move on please? Jacquiline, I admire your big heart and willingness to be a friend to Danielle. I see a lot of myself in you. I also try to be the peacemaker in all stressful situations. Congratuatlions on your new baby! And Teresa, you are my FAVORITE. You make me laugh and your little girls are so cute! You are over the top, adorable, and so fun to watch. Congratuations on your new baby too! I hope you all return again with another season because your lives fascinate me.

Ok…I’m done. What will I do with my Monday and Tuesday nights now?