So, since I have been gone a week, there are many other things going on right now I am dying to post about. Plus, they are just way more interesting then how much I perspired in Disney World. So, I have decided to give you a TOP 10 of the highlights and a top 5 lowlights(?) of my family vacation. Then we will move on. Sound good? I think so!


1. Riding the rides with my brother, sister, and Dad. I forgot just how much fun it is to be dropped from the Tower of Terror with your family. Mom stayed off most of the rides as she gets sick easily. We got an awesome picture while being dropped on this ride. See if you can pick out my family. Sorry for the poor quality…I will replace with a better one eventually.


If you guessed the 4 people with their hands in the air, you would be correct. Good times. I don’t think I have heard my Dad laugh that hard in a long time.

2. Watermelon Cotton Candy. I bought a bag while waiting on the parade and fireworks show and thought it was just regular cotton candy. I took my first bite and SURPRISE! It was watermelon! It was the best cotton candy I have ever had. Good job Disney.

3. The parade and fireworks. I know I mentioned this one before but it really was that good. It was a full 30 minute music coordinated fireworks show complete with Tinkerbell flying down from the top of the castle. A REAL person. My Dad didn’t think a real person would zipline down from that high. But she really did!  And the parade with the lights is always amazing to me. Totally worth going back for.

4. Spending time with the Grandparents and other family. Since I didn’t get to see them back at Christmas, it was so good to see everyone. I only get to see that side of the family twice a year. So it was good to catch up and enjoy a week together. Not to mention my Grandma is an AMAZING cook and we got to have every single one of her signiture dishes. Yum.

5. Spending Father’s Day on vacation. Usually Father’s Day is really busy for my Dad. Being a minister, Sunday is the busiest day of the week for him and he doesn’t get to relax on Father’s Day. This year, we were lounging by the pool and enjoying the relaxation of vacation. I think he really enjoyed himself. Plus he got some nice gifts and lots of hugs which he deserved 110%.

6. Mini-golf with my Grandpa. This is a tradition. My grandpa always takes the 7 grandkids to play mini-golf on our summer vacation. This year, we all had a good time and grandpa did too. He ended up making par exactly which didn’t surprise us as he is an avid golfer. He plays 2 or 3 times a week still. We had  a good time and kept the tradition alive another year.

7. Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure. After 2 days of Disney, we went to Universal Studios to ride some REAL roller coasters. We had a great time. My brother was FINALLY content. He had been wanting to ride some REAL roller coasters all week and Disney was a bit dissappointing on that front. They have a few good rides but you will see in my 5 lowlights where they came up short. So the Hulk, Dualing Dragons, Spiderman Ride, and Jarrasic Park was just what he wanted. I did too, I must admit. It was a great way to end our trip.

8. The family time. I enoyed 8 days of time spent with my family. Not living with them makes me feel very out of the loop sometimes. So getting to spend so much time with them this week made me feel like a kid again. This will probably be the last time we do a large trip like this as just the 5 of us. So, it was a great memory for me and I will always look back and remember how much fun we had and how cool my family is.

9. Going to the movies with the family. Sounds simple but it is something I miss doing with them. We went to see UP which I had seen already but this time we saw it in 3D. It was a very neat experience and just added more fun to the week.

10. M&M World. On Thursday, my sister, Dad, and I decided we wanted to go look around and find something fun to do on our “day off” from the parks. After doing some googling, I found out there is an M&M Wolrd in Orlando. So, we went! It was really neat. They had different flavors of M&Ms (coconut was my favorite!), every color imaginable, and every M&M collectable souvineer you could think of. After browsing the entire store, we bought a good bit of chocolate and then headed back to our home away from home. It was a fun afternoon excursion.


1. Space Mountian was CLOSED. So dissapointing. The best ride at Magic Kingdom and it was closed for the season not to reopen till Winter of 2009. Who closes down one of the best rides during the peak season?!?!? Seriously?? I still can’t get over that! I was dissapointed because I really wanted my brother to ride it. He had never been to Disney before and Space Mountain is a CLASSIC. Oh well…

2. A little family drama. It never fails. When you spend an entire 8 days together, you are bound to have small explosions. And being that I am the one person who doesn’t live in the house, I was very taken back by the attitudes and issues that arrose throughout the week. I tried to stay out of it most of the time but I had to play the big sister card every now and then and give my 2 cents.

3. Many hours of driving. This wasn’t too bad since we came prepaired with lots of movies to watch but it was still a good bit of time in the car.

4. Did I metnion the heat? It was hot and humid. Average of 107 each day. We defintely went during the hottest season fo the year.

5. Having to say goodbye to the family and get back to reality. That’s always the toughest part for me. But I’m back and the memories were good. So it was a great success.