Well, I’m back! What a great vacation! I really enjoyed our time in Orlando this past week. I got to see my amazing grandparents who so generously took care of our accomidations, I got to get some much needed rest and along the way, I got to see Mickey Mouse with the family. It really was a great trip. I’m sad it’s over.

Going to Disney World is so much different as an adult. You see it through a completely different set of eyes. I loved it the same but it’s so strange to actually understand that the park is no magical. As a kid, when you walk in and see that castle, you immediatly think you have entered a fantasy land. As an adult, you see it for what it is. An amazing park made by regular people with big imaginations.

There are basically 3 words I can say to sum up our first day at Disney.

Hot. Crowded. Hot.

Ok, it’s technically 2 words, but the first one was so important it should count again. With tempatures ranging from 106 to 111 all day, I was in a constant state of sweating. We stuck it out and rode everything and saw everything we could. After deciding to head home around 2pm, we got some dinner took a nap and then headed back for the fireworks and parade. The humidity was unbelievable. But it was well worth it. Here are some pictures from our day at Magic Kingdom. I will share more about our trip the next few days.

It’s good to be back and blogging again! I must admit, I missed this new hobby of mine!


The castle in the day time.


The castle at night time.


A float from the amazing light parade. One of the fairies from Sleeping Beauty.


Mickey Mouse! It’s tough to see but he was dancing around on the float.