Since I did a Mother’s Day post, it’s only right that I do a Father’s Day post, right? And because basically, my Dad is awesome…

 My Dad…where to begin..ever since I was a little girl, I have always been a Daddy’s girl. I have a healthy fear of my Dad. I respect him and look up to him. He’s the Dad that was there to comfort me when I got scrapes on my knees and when I got in my first car accident. He’s the kind of Dad that sends me flowers on my birthday and calls at 7 am to serenade me with the Birthday song before I’m even out of bed. He’s the kind of Dad that will change the oil in my car at a moment’s notice and check the air in my tires if they are perfectly fine. He’s the kind of Dad that can use every single type of tool. He’s a handyman with a hammer and a wrench. He’s the kind of Dad that can hang a picture and fix your car in the same day. He’s the kind of Dad that will follow the school bus all the way to school on his little girl’s first day of kindegarten just to make sure she got there safely (true story). He’s just an amazing man all around. 

I thank him for not screwing me up. Not allowing me to have bad memories of my childhood. I thank him for protecting me from the cruelties of this world that so many kids face too early in life. You’re only a kid once and my Dad  fully believes that kids should remain kids as long as possible. He believes every kid should have dreams and he also believes every parent owes it to their child to help them reach those dreams.

Thank you Daddy for all you do.  You are the reason I strive to find my other half. And you are the reason I will not settle for anything less than a great man.

How cute are my parents? This is a classic Huffman face…


Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Make sure to celebrate your Dad this weekend. I will be celebrating mine in Disney World 🙂