My baby brother graduated from high school yesterday! We are all very proud of him. It has been a really tough 4 years getting him through high school. I think yesterday was more for my parents more than anyone. Casey was happy to graduate but to him it was just walking accross a stage in a “dress” as he kept calling his robe. I know my mom especially sees this as a very large milestone for her. All 3 of her kids now have high school diplomas. There were tears of joy and big smiles all day long!


We had PRIMO seats! I managed to get this really great shot of him walking down the stairs after walking accross the stage.


Here’s the graduating class, all 310 of them. They graduated in Cameron Indoor Stadum at Duke University, the exact same place I graduated 7 years ago…man I’m getting old!


And here is Casey and his girlfriend Holly. Too cute!