Tiffany received her swap box when she got back from her SWEET trip to Cancun (which you can read more about here).  She wrote me yesterday to let me know she got it and was enjoying all the contents. So I thought it was safe to go ahead and share what I sent to her!

The theme of the swap was “All Things I Love”. So I sent:

1. A polka-dotted cosmetic bag – for my love of polka dots!

Inside the bag, I included:

2.  A pedicure set with a very bright shade of pink nail polish – for my love of pink toe nails in the summer time.

3. Bert’s Bees Lip Balm – love this stuff! And it’s made in Durham, NC, my hometown.

4. Look Ma, New Hands Lotion – best hand lotion EVER! From Bath & Body Works.

Other Items in the box:

5. Elephant Print Cocktail Napkins from IKEA – for my love of IKEA and Tiff’s love for entertaining.

6. Picture Frame with Bogart’s Pic – for my love of photographs and my dog. I told Tiff to replace it with a picture of her kitty cat.  🙂

7. A decoupaged box in the shape of a flip flop – I love flip flops and I love to decoupage. This box is great for hiding away special little things.

8. A tropical candle that smells like the beach – for my love of the sun, sand, and salt water!

9.  A magnetic list pad – for my love of making lists.

10. A wine cork – for my new love of wine tasting.

I received my box from her as well this week and will be posting about what she sent me later this week. I love it all though! So stay tuned…