I have an addiction. I’m sure some of you reading this probably have the same one. I have really become. A. Blog-hopper.

It starts off really innocent. You see a blog on a website or in someones list of favorite sites and you click on it just to see what it’s about. The next thing you know, you are scrolling through their old posts about their Christmas vacation and pictures of their neice’s birthday party last August. Then you see another interesting blog title in their list of favorites and before you know it, the trend continues and you have hopped around through 10 blogs! I really have begun to perfect this little hobby. I don’t read any weird blogs. I stick mostly to photography,  newlyweds, single girls, fashion, shopping and cooking. But it was through this silly little hobby that I stumbled upon the swap I recently participated in.

I had heard about swaps before. A friend of mine participated in a Christmas swap back in December. At first I thought it sounded kind of crazy. Send someone you don’t even know a gift? But then after reading through different blogs and becoming regulars at a few of the ones I have marked as favorites, I stumbled accross a swap that Stacey over at Love and Photographs decided to host. I have really grown to lover her blog. She writes about being a newlywed, life in the west, and she shares a lot of photographs of their simple yet adorable life. So, I commented on her wall along with about 40 other people who wanted to participate in the swap.

A week later, she posted partners. She took the 40ish people who commented and paired them up. I’m not sure if she read all our blogs and then put personalities together she thought would fit well but she could not have done a better job with me and my partner!

She paired me with Tiffany from La Buena Vida~. A super sweet newlywed who lives in Denver, Colorado. We emailed back in forth and swapped mailing addresses and then we planned to put our swap box in the mail on Monday, June 1st (which turned out to be Tuesday, June 2nd because we both had busy days on the 1st and didn’t make it to the post office).

The theme of the swap was “All the things I love”. We gathered things we love for around $20-$25 and put them in a box and sent them off. Once we receive our boxes, I will post about what I sent her and what she sent me. This was a really fun way to make a new friend. And if you think about it, it’s WAY cooler than penpals. And who doesn’t love to get a “mystery box” in the mail?? I can’t wait!

I will give you a couple of hints for whats in the box I sent her though…

a favorite pattern, something from a  favorite store, and something with my favorite color!

Stay tuned….

Till then, check out Roman, my Dad’s German Shepherd puppy. He’s now about 5 months old. Did I mention he’s going to be HUGE??