Wow, I can’t believe summer is officially here. You wait, and wait, and wait for the warm weather and then when it finally gets here, its surreal. I hope everyone’s weekends were good. Mine was very full but lots of fun. Got to spend some time at the lake Saturday and go see a movie on Friday. By the way, Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian = don’t waste your money OR time. Very dissapointing. But the company was good!

I got a lot of things done around the house like cleaning and laundry, I got some shopping done for the swap I’m doing and also got a new dress for the wedding extravaganza this weekend. So, all in all, it was very productive yet laid back at the same time. Which is the best type of weekend.

I also got to play with my camera some and take a video of my Bogart. I’m not really sure why it’s in black and white but it’s a video of my boy at his best. I kind of like him in black in white though. His little face is so cute with all his wrinkles 🙂 But this video is what I get to see every day. Squished little face and a wagging tail. Love him to pieces. Oh, and you hear me call him Bug in this video. Short for snuggle bug.

A word to the wise, turn the volume down. I was REALLY close when I shot the video. I know, I know…amateur.

Bogart on a Saturday Morning