It’s been a while since I was totally random. So I felt it was time! So here are some stats on my life currently…

Weather in Chartlotte today: HUMID…but sunny 🙂

Weekend Plans: A moive night, shopping/errands, spending some time in the sunshine at the lake, some church…looking forward to it all.

Mood: Very happy…no complaints here!

Favorite song at the moment: Rock & Roll by Eric Hutchinson (download it!)

And while I’m being random, I am totally in love with this elopement. The bride and groom didn’t feel like getting caught up in the whole wedding frenzy so they came to Asheville, NC and eloped in a small chapel. They hired a professional photographer from the Asheville area who took amazing pictures. How romantic? Makes me consider eloping one day…




Their witnesses were an elderly couple they met at the campsite they stayed at that morning. They asked them to sit in the back of the chapel and the couple agreed to happily. HOW CUTE?!?! Love it. All of it.

See more at Frolic.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!