And we’re back. The 3 day weekend should be an every week thing. You gotta love knowing on Sunday that you don’t have to wake up for work on Monday. How awesome. However, it would have been even nicer had the race not been this weekend and also the rainy weather that seems to loom over the Charlotte Metro area had cleared up. I tried going to the pool on Saturday and again on Monday with no luck. We got rained out both days. Bummer.

As most of you know, the Coca-Cola 600 was this weekend in Charlotte at the Lowes Motor Speedway. My house is located 1 exit up from the speedway. Therefore:

 Memorial Day Weekend + Coca-Cola 600 = LOTS OF TRAFFIC

It was at least an extra 3o minutes to an hour to go anywhere! It seriously took me 45 minutes to go babysit on Friday night. The drive usually takes 15. Good thing I left super early!

They are calling for more rain the rest of the week which I am ok with. I mean, sitting inside all day staring at how beautiful the weather is is no fun. If I’m going to be stuck at work, I would rather it rain cats and dogs. Especially if that means beautiful sunny skys on Saturday! So here’s hoping!!!

I did get to enjoy celebrating my friend Jenn’s 25th birthday as well as getting to go to a Memorial Day Cookout. So it was defintly a lazy, enjoyable weekend. Something I have not had in quite a while!

This coming weekend will be full with lots of shopping to get ready for my swap (which I will post about soon), a movie date with one of my besties (yay!) , a lake day on Saturday (weather permitting – come on sun!) and then hopefully some prepairing for the big June wedding the next weekend. So lots to look forward to!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!