This past weekend was the bachelorette weekend at the beach for my bff Marianne who is getting married June 6. We had such a great time (as evidenced by the pictures posted previously). As soon, as I started planning the weekend, I knew it would be a good chance to get crafty on some of the bachelorette party essentials! So below are a few things I made and had made for our fun weekend!

First off, what’s a bachelorette party without the sash and veil for the bachelorette? I made this sash from some wide orange ribbon, some iron on letters, and some green polka-dotted ribbon which I threaded through. Total cost was around $4.00. We enjoyed making her wear it all over town every chance we got!


Here is the veil I made. I used a headband, some wite ribbon, a yard of tool, and a hot glue gun. Total cost was $3.25.  I was really excited with the way this turned out!  Made me think that I could probably make my own veil someday!


Here are the cute t-shirts I had made! I came up with the designs and nicknames and I used a vendor I found on Etsy. She made them for a really great price and the t-shirts I found online through a whole saler for fairly cheap and sent to her.



front right corner

 It says: The Beach Fling Before the Ring, Marianne’s Bachelorette Weekend 2009






accross the backs

If you can’t read the nicknames, they say: the maid of honor, the spunky one, the sweet one, the saucy one, and the sassy one.

The picture doesn’t really do the colors justice. They are a periwinkle purpley-blue with coral lettering. Very cute! And they looked great on everyone!



And here is my gift for the lingerie shower we threw her. It’s a newlywed survival kit according to me. Even though I’m not married, there are a few things that everyone should have for that first year including a calendar to help combine your busy schedules, some post-its to leave love notes around the house, and of course some lingerie which included some personalized undies 🙂 They had the reason for the gift taped to the front, each thing individually wrapped and then numbered 1 through 20. She loved it! Very unique, personalized, and fun to open!

gift basket

 Overall, the weekend was so much fun. Our day at the beach could not have been more perfect. It was 80 degrees with a light wind and minimal clouds. It was so nice in fact, that most of the group forgot to reapply their sunscreen and ended up getting a little sunburnt. Ok…A LOT sunburnt! We stayed in a nice hotel that we were all very happy with. Everyone had a bed and we all got good night sleeps. The seafood at the Sanitary Fish Market was great and we just really enjoyed relaxing and having fun together. The presents, cake, and games were the highlight for sure. Marianne had an awesome time and I am so excited for her upcoming nuptuals on June 6!