I had a great weekend! Not only did I get to go home and see my mom for Mother’s Day but I also go to spend most of Saturday with my grandmother. She had some appointments on Saturday afternoon and I offerred to help her out by driving her around to them. Since I don’t get to spend too much time with her, it was really good to run her around town as well as give my parents the afternoon to get some things done.  Saturday night I got to go get some dinner and coffee with some friends which is always fun!

Sunday, of course we took my Mom out for lunch at the Japanese Steakhouse. She opened cards and gifts and we just enjoyed eating out and spending time together. Being together with my family made me even more excited for our trip to Disney in June! YAY!

Today, I’m struggling to keep my eyelids open. The only thing getting me through this week is the excitment of having Friday off and heading to the beach for a little bachelorette weekend! I am also really looking forward to my hair appointment Friday morning…my roots are crying for a touch up!! So it should be very fun!! I have lots of surprises planned for the weekend which I will post next week. Knowing my luck, if I posted them now, the bride to be would look and find them. So I will keep you in suspense till next week 🙂

Till then, here is a photo of me and the bride to be in St. Lucia last year.


Hope everyone had a great weekend celebrating their Moms!