Would you like to hear about the single most exciting thing to happen to me this week? Of course you do! Otherwise you would stop reading….right about….now. For those of you who continued, here you go!



To the untrained eye, this just looks like a Starbucks cup. And you would be correct, it is a Starbucks cup. But the catch is, it is an insulated, hard plastic cup and straw that only LOOKS like a regular starbucks cup! They came out with these last spring and I fell in love with them the first time I saw them. But by the time I talked myself out of the buyers remorse and into actually spluring on it, they were completely sold out at every Starbucks I visted (3 if I remember correctly) and also online. They were that big of a hit! I seriously thought I was never going to be able to find another one again. So when I saw they were back in my local Starbucks yesterday, I seriously flipped out! We’re  talkin, “grabbed it, held it, gasped like I had an asthma attack and everyone in line looked at me and stared” kind of flipped out! I was SO. STINKIN. EXCITED. Ridiculous, I know. But how great of a cup is it?!

I’m sure most of you can relate. You go to Starbucks. You get a cold drink in their signiture clear cup and green straw. When you finish your drink, you pause a moment before considering filling up your cup again with water or another beverage because it’s a very nice, easily reusable cup. It’s the perfect size. It’s plastic so it deoesn’t get soggy like a paper cup from certain fast food places. It fits in all cup holders and is easy to carry!

The best thing about this cup is that it is great for everything. It’s perfect for keeping water in during the day at my desk. It’s great for car rides. Its great for taking to the gym, and then of course, when you take it back in with you to Starbucks, they will put your favorite cold drink in it and give you 10 cents off for bringing in your own cup! So buying this cup a tiny way of going green as well!

Totally made my week. It’s truely the small things that make me happiest 🙂