Everyone has little rules they live by. Most of them subconsious. But none the less, they govern ones life. Here are a few of mine.

1. I never eat the 2 end pieces of bread when I buy a loaf at the grocery store. I don’t really know why, but I don’t. The ends are just there for show. I’m convinced.

2. I always walk on the correct side of the mall. For those of you who never follow this rule, the correct side is the right side for whichever way you are heading towards. Just like when you drive. Please take note. This doubles as a pet-peeve.

3. I have a 60 degree coffee rule. If it is cooler than 60 degrees, I order hot coffee. If it is warmer than 60 degrees, I order iced coffee. If it is 60 degrees exactly…well I don’t know. I guess it would depends on what I’m feeling like that day!

4. Marriage before moving in together. For everyone, this rule is different. For some couples, it just works better to move intogether first.  But for me, I want to share a mailbox after I share their last name.

5. I have to make my bed every morning. I am convinced I sleep better once it’s been made for a full 12 hours beforehand.

6. When I buy an article of clothing, I throw another out. This is a new one I am trying out. We will see how long it lasts!

7. Call the parents once a week. My parents are very good at letting me live my own life and not checking in on me a whole lot. But I like to give them a ring and let them know I am doing well at least once a week. It’s my very small way of thanking them for giving me life and respecting my inependance.

8. Always smile and be nice to those who work in the service industry (food, retail, etc.). I know they mess up your order sometimes and they don’t ring up your purchases right  every now and then. But just keep in mind, working one on one with people in the service industry is tough and they deal with rude people all day long. Also, chances are, that’s not their only job. So be curtious to them. Chances are they are just getting by.

9. If it is sunny outside and over 60 degrees, the sunroof is open when driving. No exceptions.

10. Never go to Target without walking through the shoe section 🙂