It’s another Tuesday. Perfect time for some random facts you may not have known. Random yet all true…

1. I am terrified (seriously) of scary movies.

2. I currently have no idea where my life is headed. And I am ok with it.

3. I love the color green.

4. I’m a sucker for a guy who plays the guitar.

5. I love my birthday. That may change this year since I will turn a quarter of a century old (yikes!).

6. I was born in Miami, FL but have very little memory of living there.

7. I have always wanted to be just 3 inches taller.

8. I love the sun. I will be that wrinkly, leather-looking lady on the beach someday. No shame.

9. I have high cholesterol. Family trait. Cheerios are my friend.

10. I secretly am holding out to buy a house because I want to buy my first “home” with my soulmate. I hate renting and I’m giving it another year before I start looking for a house.

11. Marley & Me makes me cry every single time I watch it. Seriously, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

12. I have 20 -15 vision and have no clue how I got that lucky. Bad eye sight is also a family trait.

13. I love my bed. Not just because it’s comfortable. It was the first “large purchase” I made after college and after I got my grown-up job.

14. I am a watermelon feen.

15. I’m going to Dinsey World this summer with my family and I can not wait! magic-kingdom-castle1

16. I wish I could read faster. I love to read but it exhausts me.

17. I wish I wasn’t addicted to Facebook.

18. I don’t think I will EVER be happy with my body.

19. I hold my most prized posession on me at all times. Maybe not “on me” but in my purse for sure.

20. I love songs that take you back to a memory momentarily.

21. I love Charlie Brown. So not kidding.

22. I look at the glass as half full. Always.

23. I miss how simple life was when I was a kid. I regret taking it for granted.

24. I am somewhat of a germ-a-phob. I treat all sick people like they have the bird flu. I hate getting sick.

25. I have an accordian folder I keep all my “After I’m Married…” ideas in. Recipes, crafts, decorating ideas, you name it. There is, however, no wedding stuff in it. It’s one of my rules.