So apparently, the only reason most people visit my blog is when they do a search looking for Ashley Tisdale hair styles. I found this out by looking at my blog stats. How depressing. Am I that boring? Don’t answer that.

I think I need some excitment to make this more interesting…like a move or a boy…sigh. Until either of those happen I will continue on with my randomness. Here are some things on my mind on this beautiful Friday…

1. So many things to think about for the bridal shower I am throwing next week! I really think it is going to be a success since I sent out 45 invites and have gotten 1 regret. So signs are looking positive. But I am so ready to go shopping this weekend and mark things off my list. Don’t you just love that? Marking things off a list makes me feel so in control and productive. That probably means something subconciously that is not so good. Oh well. I’m sure my therapist will analyze that one thoroughly some day.

2. I love how the Lord provides. The need for some “cushion funds” was met by the 3 babysitting jobs I picked up this week. What an awesome answer to prayer! Between birthdays and weddings, it was starting to get tight. So I am VERY thankful!!

3. Stepped on a scale for the first time in a while the other day. I have lost 3 more lbs. Thank you Jillian Michaels! Ok, so the 30 day deadline didn’t happen but it is still doing it’s job. No complaints here!

4. The parentals are currently in Egypt. Yes, you read that correctly and it is not a typo. Egypt. They are over seas seeing The Holy Land for a 12 days. I’m very jealous. My parents are world travelers these days. I hope to be like that someday. I can’t wait to see a picture of them riding a camel.  That will be one for the picture frame.

5. Our Bachelorette Weekend to the beach could not come any faster. I can’t wait to spend tha entire Saturday in the sun laying on a beach with my favroite girls. Can. Not. Wait. I also have some majorly fun surprises for the weekend that everyone will love!

6. Did I mention how pretty weather puts me in a really good mood?!?! Because it does. Thank you sunny-70-degree-Charlotte. You made this stressed out girl oh so happy.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Current Desktop photo:


Oh St. Lucia how I miss thee. Yep, this is a real picture taken from the balcony of our private villa where we lived like queens for 5 days. Plush bathrobes, room service, and pedicures -the whole nine yards. Oh to be there RIGHT NOW. I don’t know why I torture myself with this beautiful picture. Just makes me daydream all day long. *sigh* Are you with me, Bombays? 🙂