Usually when I go home for the weekend, I don’t get much rest. I am busy with all the driving and plans. But this weekend, I actually got to rest and spend some time with those I love most!

After fighting traffic and rain all the way home Friday afternoon, I pulled in to the driveway just in time to go to the Good Friday Service they were holding at church. Then afterwards, I came home and ate a meal with my parents, something I don’t get to do very often. Saturday, I got to get up leasurly, drink some coffee and watch tv with my Dad and then get ready and go shopping with my Mom. They left for a 12 day trip to the Holy Land today. So there were a few odds and ends they needed to get. Then I came home and washed my VERY DIRTY car. It needed it horribly.

Later in the afternoon, I went and visited one of my oldest friends Brooke and her husband Kevin. They just bought a house recently and I was dying to see it. It was adorable just like them :). Then I went and met up with my best girls for dinner and a movie. We had some much needed girl time. We did some talking about the wedding, some talking about summer, and just enjoyed hanging out. Got home kinda late but it was well worth it.

Easter Sunday, I went to church. I love Easter Sunday. I saw a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while, heard some wonderful music, and then came home and got to eat a nice lunch with the whole family. Then of course, I took a Sunday afternoon nap before heading back to Charlotte.

It was overall just a great weekend. I felt like I really had a chance to recoup and get prepaired for a couple of crazy months ahead. Sometimes you just need to recharge your batteries and what better place than at home.