1. Embrace the things that pull you out of your comfort zone. Being too comfortable can be a bad thing. It’s good to step out of your comfort zone and do things that encourage you to meet new people and explore new sides of your personality you may not have known were there. As a good friend of mine says “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

2. Always have faith.  Those of you who know me well know that I am constantly using “have faith” as my encouragement mantra. But it is so true! As the Bible says ” …if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say move to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there’ and it will move…” (Matthew 17: 20) So, they truely are words to live by. Have faith.

3.  Be thankful for the small things in life. Sometimes taking the time to be appreciative for the small things can ground you and remind you not to worry so much.

4.  Never say never. As soon as you try and dictate your life, God will come and buldoze it and start over. It’s best to let him handle your life and never say anything will never happen. That’s usually when God proves it will.

5. Life is too short to be so serious! I have learned this the most this past year. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then you really need to lighten up. Life is to be enjoyed. So it’s ok to crack a smile every now and then 🙂

6. It’s ok to just sit back and observe sometimes. When there is nothing you can say, usually that is a cue that you don’t need to. So be content to be quiet sometimes. A comment is not always needed.

7. Hold your treasure in things above. This is another one from the Bible which I love. It’s so easy to put our treasure in earthly things. But we should set our minds in things above. Someday the things of earth will go away but the treasure we hold in heaven will remain forever.


8. Love as much as possible. Everyone wants to be loved. It is human nature. So love unconditionally. Even your enemies. Life is too short to hold grudges. So forgive quickly.

9. Being scared is part of life. I get scared a lot. About stupid stuff and important stuff. But at the end of the day, getting cold feet and a little fear is healthy. The important thing to remember is to not let it take over your life. You can’t live in fear.

10. Things will fall into place eventually. There are many times that things happena and I don’t understand why. It’s okay though. Sometimes it’s best not to know. But in hind-sight, I can see clearly what God was  doing. So when you are frustrated and want to know why things happen, remember that you are just human and sometimes the human mind can not comprehend why He does the things he does. Everything will work out in time.