This weekend, I found shoes AND earrings for the October wedding! From past posts, you can read how I have been trying to find the perfect shoes for this brown dress. As I have written before, I am not one for colored shoes so buying these teal shoes was a HUGE step for me! I got them at Payless for a steal at about $15 (on sale and I had a coupon). Then when shopping at Kohls on Sunday, I came accross the earrings which just happen to be the exact same shade of teal as my shoes! And BONUS, they were on the clearance rack for $5!! So all together: the shoes ($15), earrings ($5), and dress ($30ish)= $50 total ! Now that’s what I’m talking about 🙂

I also tried it all on together Sunday and the dress is already feeling looser than when I first tried it on in January! So YAY! Maybe by the time October rolls around, I will be able to have it taken in! Nothing would thrill me more.

*Sigh*…both the good deals and feeling smaller in my dress totally made my weekend AWESOME.