While I was home this past weekend, I had the chance to see the new pup. He is now 12 weeks old and is going through some major growth spirts. He’s chewing on everything, still working on the house training, and is still my dad’s little shadow. Because he chews on everything and has those sharp baby teath, my mom has started to call him “the al-di-gator”. For those of you who watch Jon & Kate Plus 8, you know exactly where that name comes from. As German Shephard puppies grow, there ears try to stand up. It’s a funny process to watch because one day the left one will be up and the right one will be down. Then the next day the right one will be up and the left one will be down. Well after about a week or 2 of this, finally they both try to stand up and this is what it ends up looking like:



They end up leaning on each other. He looks like a bunny rabbit! You can also see in this picture how huge his paws are in comparision to the rest of him. He is going to be one big boy!

 The pug did much better this time around. He tried to play some but as soon as he saw those huge paws coming towards him, he bolted for the highest place, which ended up being the top of the couch. Luckily the puppy hasn’t figured out how to jump onto the furniture yet. Here they are escaping from the al-di-gator :


And here is the al-di-gator on the pillow I got him as his welcome home gift. He loves it!