dsc011383So, I think its so cheesy when people talk about their dogs all the time like they are people and like they are seriously contributing influences to society. I mean, I love my dog to bits but lets face it, I’m not going to dress him up and send him to the Doggie Day Spa anytime soon. He is however very important to me and since he turns 3 years old today (21 in dog years), I feel the need to express exactly how great he is and how much he truely does contribute to this single girl’s life.

1. He is always happy to see me. No matter how long I have been away. I could leave him alone for 10 minutes and when I come back, its like he’s a welcoming committee wrapped up in four legs and a tail.

2.  He keeps me warm at night. Believe it or not, that little 23 lb. body is like a personal heater in the winter time. And who doesn’t want to stay warm in the winter??

3. He has basic needs. He wants to be fed, taken outside, and loved. Thats bascially it and in that order too. There is no gray area with him. He wants the simple things in life.

4. A wag of the tail tells me he’s happy. After a rough day, to come home and see that tail wag reminds me that someone is happy due to my presence in the world. And as corny as it sounds, I need that some days.

5. He is a great travel partner. As crazy as it sounds, having him in the car with me makes every trip better. He loves to go for rides and he is good company on boring stretches of highway. The fur, I’m not such a fan of. It sticks to EVERYTHING. *sigh*

6. A day in the park and he is ready for a nap. On pretty spring days, a nice trip to the dog park and he is pooped for the next 24 to 48 hours. It’s like the doggy olympics. He is going 100% the entire time while I sit back and make sure he doesn’t get eaten by the big dogs.

7. He thinks he is tougher than he actually is. I love how he thinks he needs to protect me. Bark at every runner that goes by the window. Every lawn maintenance man. Every postal worker. He’s a big dog at heart.

8. He’s loyal. After being away from him for a while, he always goes back to our routine. He knows the plan and is always ready to go home and do our thing the next day. And I can always count on him to let me know when its time to eat. He NEVER forgets.

You know, after re-reading these, I could totally copy and paste most of this  in a list for the perfect man. Well maybe not #4. Lets keep the tail wagging for the dogs 🙂

Happy Birthday Bogart!