For the past week and a half, there has been a frenzy going on in the city of Charlotte called IKEA. You may have heard of it. It’s one of the most amazing, innovative, modern, and reasonably priced home furnishing stores ever to be created. I had heard so much about it but honestly had no idea what  to expect when I ventured out on a week night to see the new mega-store. Some friends and I headed out there and met for dinner inside at the restaurant. They had some Swedish dishes that were not so appetizing. I went for the all american chicken tenders and french fries. Couldn’t go wrong there!

We then began the journey. This place is GINORMOUS! It’s so large that there is a path that goes through the store with actual arrows pointing you in the direction you should go so you don’t end up walking around in circles. You really could get lost if it were not for those arrows! We passed through section after sections of furniture, bedding, mattresses, closets, organizational units, curtins, wall art, tables, kitchens, etc. It went on and on! And we were only one the first level! This place has 2 floors! Below all the furniture is the level where you can actually pick things out such as dishes, baskets, picture frames, etc. We stayed there till 9pm when they closed. I still don’t feel like I saw it all though. That’s how big this place was. 2 1/2 hours and we didn’t see it all. It was amazing. I was in total awe after leaving.

Made me want to have a house or something to decorate. It was all very reasonably priced and very simple to coordinate. I can’t wait to decorate a room or a house from there some day 🙂

Here a few of the things I loved as soon as I saw them!

This may be tough to see but it is a scarf/tie/belt organizer. It’s the most clever thing I have seen in a while. I am a HUGE collector of scarfs so to me this, was absolutly amazing! And it hangs in your closet like a hanger! For only $7.99!58185_pe163835_s311


This light fixture is so cool! It is fairly simple to hang and a friend of mine actually bought it and put together all by herself! It’s actually a paper/plastic type material that you bend yourself and attach to the fixture.It is an interesting lamp that draws the eye but also gives off a lot of light. Very modern. Only $24.99.