I have a problem. One that I didn’t know I had until just recently. I think its something I was taught when I was young. Something my mom instilled in me to the point that I can’t even get past it for one single event!

I am a matchy-matchy person. I can’t stand for my purse not to match my shoes and my belt. I can’t stand to wear a pair of shoes that do not somehow contain a color that is located on another part of my body. If I wear a “loud” color shoe, I wear white or black clothes so the shoe is the “pop of color”. I am a walking talking GAP ad. It’s horrible. Especially since fashion these days tells you to wear funky shoes and that your shoes don’t have to match anymore!! This is a serious issue for me.

One of my wonderful, fashion forward friends is getting married in October. She has chosen a very cute, tasteful brown coctail dress for us to wear as bridesmaids. The catch? She wants us to all wear different colored shoes. So you know my first thought: “I have a cute pair of brown wedges that will look so cute with that!” Wrong. I am going to have to venture outside my box and find a bright colored, fun pair of shoes to wear this time. No more GAP ad. This is my chance. I am determined to have the cutest, fun pair of shoes ever! I think 2009 should be the year my shoe collection ventures beyond black, grey & brown.

Here is the dress…31kzfjo1kvl_aa260_1


So far, here are a few options I am thinking about.