This year for Valentines, 2 of my best girls (Melissa & Jenn, hey girl hey!) and I decided to hit the rink for a Carolina Hurricanes game. I love to watch hockey! So of course I was up for it! We had such a great time. We had dinner at Ted’s Montana Grill which is always SO good. Then we headed to the arena. I was surprised how many people were there for it to be a holiday. But I guess hockey makes for a good Valentines Day date.

 I personally like to watch the fights and the hard hits against the glass. As well as to laugh and point when someone gets sent to the penalty box. How great is a sport that puts you in time out?!?!?! Love it! The Canes ended up losing to the Columbus Blue Jackets in the end but we still really enjoyed it.

Hope everyone else had a great Valentines Day! Even though it is a dumb holiday, I must admit, mine was pretty dang good this year 🙂