Most of my readers have known me for a while. But a few haven’t. So after I recevied an email the other day asking me to give a little more background about myself, I thought it was the perfect time to do a random list about my childhood memories. They are in VERY random order. Hope you enjoy ūüôā

1. When I was 3, my parents took me to the circus.¬† My parents said I was in a total mouth drop, bug-eyed coma the entire 3 hours. I didn’t blink I didn’t talk. I was in total amazement. When we got in the car to go home, my mom asked me what my favorite thing was. My only response…”The elephants stink!”

2. My little sister and I use to love to play pretend and run all over my grandparents 4 bedroom ginormous house when we were kids. One time we were playing detective and we pretended¬†there was a murder upstairs in one of the bedrooms. My grandparents had one of those old style rotary phones that was very “detective show” looking. I got so into playing pretend that I picked it up and dialed 911. To my surprise the dispatcher picked up. I got scared and hung up the phone. A minute later, 911 called back and my grandpa answered. I got in SOOO much trouble. I never played with the phone again.

3. On my 10th birthday, my mom and dad  gave me a dollhouse. A real made from wood, fully restored and furnished, 3 story white house with hunter green shudders and roof. It is by far my most favorite birthday present ever given to me.

4. On my 11th birthday, I got a hampster. I named her Shirley. I still to this day have no idea where that name came from. She lived to be 3 years old and eventually died of a tumor that grew on her back. She was a great pet.

5. My sister and I loved to play Barbies. We both had 2 Barbie boxes full of clothes, accessories, and Barbies. It was always really easy to figure out which Barbies were mine and which ones were hers. Mine were always dressed in nice outfits, had their hair brushed, and looked very well taken care of. Hers on the other hand, usually stripped naked, matted hair, and missing an arm or leg.

6. In the summer, my dad would wait till the grass got really high in the back yard. When my mom finally fussed about it, he would get out the riding lawn mower out and cut a path around the yard and make a maze. I would pretend I was on the yellow brick road and skip around and try to find my way through the maze. This is probably why I love the smell of fresh cut grass so much.

7. For my 9th brithday, I had a camp out in the back yard. We pitched a huge tent and I invited about 10 girls over. When my mom asked me a few days before what kind of cake I wanted, I just smiled and said I didn’t want cake. I wanted a watermelon. When it came time to do cake and sing, my dad brought out a watermelon and a drill. He drilled 9 holes in top of that watermelon and put 9 candles in. We sang and I blew them out. It was a great birthday.

8. On my first day of kindergarten, I wore a blue jean Osh-Kosh-Begosh jumper with a red and white striped shirt, white Keds with red socks, and my hair half pulled up into small pigtails above my ears with the red rubberbands with the plastic balls. It was the 80’s, give me a break! My dad walked me to the bus stop, took pictures as I got on the bus, and watched me sit in my seat. As the bus pulled away,¬†he sprinted back to the house, jumped in the car and followed the bus all the way to school. He still defends it by saying:¬†¬†“You were ¬†just so little.”

9. Every summer, we take a family trip to the beach. One of our favorite things to do as a family is to take our kite collection and fly them while we are there. Yes, you heard me right. We have a Huffman kite collection. It consists of about 4 or 5 kites my dad enjoys flying. We have a box kite, a kite that looks like a pirate ship, some trick kites, and then one with a really long colorful tail. Flying those kites with my family is one of my fondest memories and I still look forward to it every single beach trip.

10. My baby brother was born on Christmas Eve in 1990. He was very healthy and my mom was doing so well that they let us go pick them up from the hospital on Christmas day. Still to this day, it is one of my favorite Christmas memories. Getting a baby brother for Christmas. My sister on the other hand, not interested in going to pick him up. She wanted to stay and play with her toys. Yeah, I think its clear who the favorite sister should be (cough, cough).