My dad has always loved dogs. I mean ALWAYS. Every single story from his childhood involves a dog. Whether the story was about the dog or whether the dog was barking in the background. He always mentions the dog. He had quite a few growing up but his favorite breed has always been the German Shepherd. My gradnparents had a few of them and use to breed them when my dad was a kid. When my parents got married, they always had German Shepherds. When we lived in Miami, we had 2 German Shepherds. They have always been one of my dad’s true passions. He loves the breed, their structure, and their coloring. To him, a champion German Shepherd is the essence of beauty and strength. So when he took a new job and a pay cut to move to NC 20 years ago, you can imagine how painful it was to leave our 2 dogs behind. One joined the Miami Police Force and was trained to sniff out drugs and explosives in the Miami-Dade Airport. The other was given to a sweet old man who lived down the street who needed a companion.

For the past 20 years, my dad hasn’t had a German Shepherd. He got us chow/shelty mix when were kids and my mom now has a a fluffy white dog which she SWEARS is a family dog. But seriously mom, he is YOUR dog.  But my dad has never gotten another German Shepherd. Until now.

At the end of February, he will be picking up an 8 week old German Shepherd puppy. This puppy was bred with Champion Greman Shepherds from Germany. They are award winning for their breed standard. My dad refuses to spend money on a German Shepherd that is not the breed standard. So, this puppy will be everythng my dad has waited 20 years for. He is so excited and I must admit I am excited for him!german_shepherd_puppies_s12

So, at the Huffman house, there will now be 2 dogs, 2 cats, and a snake (the snake stays in a terrarium, don’t worry). And when I come to visit it will be 3 dogs, 2 cats, and a snake. It will be our own little zoo!

I am very excited to see the new puppy and I am sure The Pug will be too. He is always looking for a new animal who has the stamina to keep up with him. I will post pictures once he has arrived and is an official member of the family!