So, it’s the 3rd week of the new year. Usually this is about the time when people start to give up their resolutions they made for the new year. I know this is when I usually start to reconsider the things I promised myself for a new me. But this year, I feel much differently about my resolutions. I have been reading a lot and thinking a lot about being the best person you can be and commiting to yourself. If you can’t commit to yourself, how are you suppose to commit to your job, your family, or even a significant other? So, this year I vowed to make sure I stick to my resolutions. Although I made 5 resolutions, the most important one was the first. To take better care of myself.

I have always been a pretty active person for the most part so I knew images11jumping right into a workout routine wouldn’t be too hard on my body. So, I have been working out 5 days a week, every weekday morning at 6am. For now, since it is SO COLD, I have been doing a workout video in the comfort of my room. Not just any workout though. The Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. This DVD promises a 20 pound loss if you do a 30 minute workout for 30 days. I’m not really focusing on the 20 pound number but more so working on my stamina for working out. It has 3 levels so you can begin with the easier workout  and work your way up to the level 3 which is the most difficult. I feel like I’m in boot camp for the first 30 minutes of my day. It’s great though because it wakes me up and then I feel so much better throughout the day. There is that first 5 minutes when my alarm goes off that I want to hit snooze and roll over. But then I just remember how great I felt the day before once I had accomplished my 30 minute workout and I make myself get up. The pug usually stays in bed and every now and then will peep his head out of the covers to see his crazy owner panting to death as she does jumping jacks.

Other than “the Shred”, I have been watching my calorie intake like a hawk. I keep a food journal and write down how many calories I eat in a day. I also have found a neat little calorie calculator online which tells me how many I should intake in order to maintain my body weight or to decrease my body weight. I eat 3 meals a day and a snack between lunch and dinner. This is important to keeping your metabolism working. The faster your metabolism is working, the more calories you will burn.  I plan ahead my meals and if I decide to eat out, I try to look up the calories beforehand or I plan for that meal to be my bigger meal of the day. I also have been drinking tons of water and have cut out all non-diet soda. If I HAVE to have the caffiene, I will drink a diet soda which has ZERO calories.

Just by following these simple rules, I have already lost about 7 pounds. If I was working much harder and working out more than 30 minutes a day, it would be much more but since I am slowly easing back into it, I think 7 lbs. is a pretty good start. Once I am commited to working out and HAVE to work out each day, then maybe a gym membership is in the picture. We will have to see. I will keep you updated!