Something I want to start doing is a collection of posts with lists. Sometimes random lists but sometimes lists of things about me and things I think about. Today, here is a list of ways to make me smile (insert corny smiley face here)

1. Starbucks. By far the quickest way to make me smile AND hug you.

2. Loving on the pug.

3. A really good sale. We’re  talking 80% off on the shoes I have been eyeing for a month. Makes me grin a little just thinking about it.

4. Spontanious trips with favorite people. Love them!

5. Getting mail. Not bills but actual cards or cataloges. Totally makes my day.

6. Pay day.

7. Getting a pat on the back for hard work.

8. Hearing a really good story. One that you want to keep telling to everyone who will listen.

9. Holding babies. Mommyhood is very far away for me. For now, other peoples babies will do. Because I can’t get enough of them…I’m such a sucker for the baby smell.

10. Homemade gifts. I love making them and receiving them. They mean way more than anything you could ever buy in a store.

11. Taking pictures. Lately, I have become such a photo nazi. I think its the blog talking.

12. Weddings. There, I said it. I love going to them and being a part of them. It’s more about seeing  the happily ever after begin.  A wedding for me is far away at the moment, but other people’s big days make me happy. Genuinely happy.





Here are 2 of my favrites. Taking pictures of the pug. Yeah, he sleeps a lot.