It is only the 5th of January and I can tell already that it is going to be a very full year! Where will I find all the vacation time for everything?? So far, there will be 2 weddings. One of my dearest and oldest friend’s Jessica will be getting married in October and also my best friend Marianne will be getting married this year. She just got engaged on New Years so they haven’t picked a date yet. I am so very excited for both of them! Congrats to you both!! I am very honored to be a part of both of you beautiful days. Along with all the weddings festivites, I’m taking a train trip to DC and Boston with my Bombays, and a family vacation to Orlando. It should be a very fun, eventful, full year!

Along with the New Year comes resolutions. I know I mentioned a few that I want to keep this year in my last post. One in particular I really want to focus on is to really analyze my life and what I want to do with my future. Have you ever felt like you were standing still while the world passed you by? Like you were stuck in some kind of time warp where everyone seems to be moving on with thier life while you are just standing still? Thats about where I am right now. Not that I am unhappy because I am very happy! But I feel like its time for me to think things over and come up with a life plan. I know it seems simple but sometimes one of the things that we don’t always focus on is deciding where you want to be and how you want to get there. This is something I really want to think about and pray about this year. Pray for guidance and pray for peace about where the Lord wants me to go. I think we all could all use some time to figure this out. And I have a feeling 2009 is my year. 🙂3008203238_df0bcc4746_o1

This is how I feel…

This photo is from Story Photographers. Aren’t they amazing?