So today begins my full week off from work. My last days of vacation till the summer of 2009. I am of course going home for the week to be with the family. Although it is considered vacation, I will be quite busy while I am home. In my spare time though, I am looking forward to sleeping in, eating home cooked meals, hanging out with the rents and just enjoying Christmas. The little man will of course be joining me. I think my parents ask more about him coming home with me than anything else. Apparently I am just the chauffer for the grand-dog to come visit. I’m ok with it.

So, it is now time for a quick, thoughtful moment brought to you by my lack of a better segway. I know everyone has heard of the song “Mary, did you know?” which asks you to consider Mary’s point of view on her immaculate birth to Jesus. But have you ever wondered about how Mary would be accepted in today’s world? How a young, single girl who became pregnant would be accepted? And on top of that, claim that she was still a virgin! I mean, it really makes you stop and think about what she went through and all the things she had to endure for those 9 months she was pregnant with no one to turn to. Even her fiance didn’t believe her! I think if the immaculate birth had occurred in this day and age, many of us would have thought the same thing that the people back then thought of Mary. We all cast judgement but I think it is important to remember that the mother of Jesus was subject to the same judgement many women now are faced with. It really makes you think.