Occasionally, as I am surfing the net, I come accross  little things that I would SOOO buy if I had room for them. So instead of buying them, I will just tell you guys about them! Maybe some day, once I have a house to gather collectibles, I will go back to this very first post and begin the process of collecting all the things I have found along the way.

Someday when I am Susie Home-Maker, queen of organization and on top of all birthdays, anniveraries, holidays, and large life altering events,  this will come in very handy. It is a stationary box which opens up to reveal pockets for cards and other little knick-knacks to be stowed away in. I found it on Etsy. Love it!



I also want to mention in this post an early Christmas gift that I totally love. images1My dear friend Leah gave me an old fashioned spoon ring. She hosted a jewelry party not too long ago and it was one of the pieces that was featured. She knew I had admired it and bought it for me for Christmas. She is so sneaky! Love her! (this one is similar, not exactly the same)