I found this picture today while I was going through some old emails. How cute! This is my little man when he was only about 9 weeks old. He really could fall asleep anywhere! He had fallen asleep amidst all the flip flops and Meredith and I lined them up around him. We thought it would make a cute picture. I have been wanting to get this one blown up and framed for a while. This year may be the year!


I love taking black and whites of him. His little wrinkles show up so much better than in color.



Ok, enough about my dog. I know you are thinking “Um, Melanie it’s a dog. Please get a hold of yourself.” Don’t worry, you have been heard.

 So it’s Friday! Thank goodness! This has been such a crazy week. I have been super busy at work, super busy in life, while also trying to catch up on my sleep from my NY weekend. But this weekend should be a good chance for me to get a lot of things done. I am hoping to do some serious cleaning around the house, do some Christmas shopping with Jessica (yay!), attend my work Christmas party, and also some church on Sunday. It should be a good weekend! I hope everyone else has a great one too!

By the way, can I vent a little real quick? I just want to say that this whole “I’m offended by Christmas traditions and activities” attitude has gotton way out of hand! I think it is perfectly normal for you to be offended by certian things. Eveyone feels that way now and then. But what is the  point in pointing it out and ruining it for everyone else who isn’t offended? I mean, I think our society has just gotten way out of hand with everyone having a public opinion. I think a personal opinion is fine, but it’s a PERSONAL opinion. No need to make it public and ruin things for others! Sure there are plenty of things that offend me about our society. But that is part of living in America where everyone is allowed to believe and celebrate whatever they want. Just because it is not your religion doesn’t mean you have to make a big deal about it and ruin the holidays for others. I just find that very selfish. Ok, I’m done with my rant.

This is a result of this video. I mean seriously!?!? Rudolph? Give me a break!